The Tools for Destroying Paintings Series is a collection of action based video shorts encompassing aspects of live performance, Hong Kong style stunt work,and post production special effects. The final videos are a distinct fusion of sports highlights tapes, evil kneivel outtakes, slapstick comedy and action movie thrills.
Tim Folland's Tools for Destroying Paintings Video Series

The Death Defying Dare Devil tour is an ongoing video project by artist and
director Tim Folland. The objective of the tour is to promote and create
new episodes in the Tools for Destroying Paintings Series featuring Goldhead
the super villain of the art world.

Each site chosen for filming will add a new episode to the collection of
videos documenting the various art destroying tactics of Goldhead.
In this way each space will play an important part in the development
of the character, his tools, and strategies.

A key component to the presentation of the Tools for Destroying Paintings
Series is that it is accompanied by events which provide specific insights into
the process and concepts used to make the videos.
There are three ways you can bring the Tools for Destroying Paintings Series to your: University, Art Space, Museum, Gallery, or
Video Art Cinema.

1. Hold a screening of the films.
2. Host the reinstallation of a previous exhibition in the series.
3. Sponsor the creation of a new video in the Tools for Destroying Painting Series.

* Included as part of your exhibition of the Tools for Destroying Paintings
Series will be a collateral event of your choosing.


Tim Folland is a multimedia artist working in video, painting and sculpture.
He has presented solo and collaborative installations and performances in New York,Miami, Maine, and California, including: The Portland Museum of Art, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Hardcore Art Contemporary, and Jack the Pelican Presents.

His video series "Tools for Destroying Paintings" has been screened nationally at venues including: Monkey Town, Hell on Reels, Cinema Scope, Center for Maine Contemporary Art and internationally at Prenelle Gallery- London, Temporary Cities Lithuania, and National Center for Contemporary Arts - Moscow. His work is also included in the flat files at the Drawing Center, Pierogi, Artists Space, Bernard Toale Gallery, and Small "A" Video Library.

"Tim Folland leaps into an arena of no man's land - where does destruction end and creation begin?"

NY Arts Magazine

Curriculum Vitae

Copyrite: 2008